Thursday, March 1, 2012

A note from an old - really old - friend led me to look up this song this morning.  It turns out to be an impressive effort of digital collage, no clue to the artist.  I am studying collage right now, and it made me think how you should never do art for posterity, or for the future, to gain something, because it will very soon be dead and gone.  Do it for ourselves, for the enjoyment of doing it.

Sometimes in art classes or writing we struggle.  There is an hilarious image in the writings of Ajahn Chah, how we have are like water buffalo - we have to be all bound up hand and foot before we will take our medicine.  This makes me smile just writing it, to see myself writhing around, trying so hard sometimes.

And as for the grand self-improvement project, the happiness project, how far have you gotten with it, really?  (See song.)

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  1. Damn...I think I've made it precisely two steps forward in all these years.

    Oh well, nevermind. I'm so happy to see you back today, Jeanne. I must have had a psychic connection, because in bed, just before I dragged myself up, I said; "I'm going to send a message to Jeanne today and see how she's doing!"