Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post-holiday Blues and Good Camera Karma

All right, let's go here.  Christmas is over.  The holiday season is over, the new year came in, your life is no better, in fact, your credit card debt is larger.  And most of us have that cold that never quite goes away.  And winter has dug in.  So why would you not be b l u e . . . ?

What I mean is this: We have a season, sometimes a month long, of generosity and love, connections and good food.  We abandon our everyday concerns, we cook special things that remind us of our ancestors, we play madly with our new toys (iPads and Kindles this year, I read).  And now . . . we are tired.  Ordinary life is a letdown.  It's natural.  Maybe it's inevitable, though I haven't asked the enlightened people I know (either one of them).

That's what I think.  So instead of thinking you should buck up or something, just enjoy being fully in touch with the reality that life can't always be fun.
Meanwhile, yesterday I was photographing the linear pattern of jet trails in the sky over Columbus.  I  haven't figured out how to transfer these as a slide show, so your eyes will have to do the sliding.  I like the accidental effects in the last two pictures.

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  1. ...and then there are people like me who are relieved when things go back to normal, mail delivery starts again, maybe there's something new on TV, and all the jingle-jangle gives way to quietness. Which is why I never have post-holiday blues. Heh!

    Not that I don't enjoy a good holiday, it's just that a couple of days' festivities are enough for me.