Saturday, January 7, 2012

A morning with pain and love

Awakened by pain this morning - overdid it with the right shoulder last night.  It's okay now, and that got me thinking what "living in the moment" really is.  It means, at least in part, that we don't get gripped by our concepts.  For instance, Oh crap, woke up early hurting, this is going to be a lousy day.  Add to that preferences:  Don't want to hurt!  Reality is that you can only do so much about the body you have right now.  Another reality: pain is always moving and changing if you let it.  I put my heating-pad cape on, it helped.  Moving around loosened things up, too.

And here's another thing loosened this morning.  Got notified by my phone that my grandson had played on Words With Friends, from 50 miles away.  It was 8 a.m. and my idea of this morning was to get in the shower about now.  Then stretch and meditate, and so on.  But I love this new additional contact with him.  First thing he did was post me on chat, Tom played a 74 point word last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know,
I wrote, pure evil.  Tom can't help being smart sometimes.

In case I momentarily forget, love is what matters, connection matters.  Not goals and schedules.  It's singing in the choir, it's tea with a comfortable friend, it's letting the cat lie on your shoulder for a while if she needs to.

An interesting thing about playing Words with Otto is that it's just fun to play, and I don't care if I win - and in fact, he just won one of our games by a hair (he always wants to play at least two at once).  Now, the other people I play with don't hesitate to beat me by multiple hundreds of points.  That tends to make a person nervous.  No, it doesn't.  My mind, it's my own reaction.  Maybe I should turn it around and say, Let's see if I can get Laurie to beat me by 500 points.  That's what I like, a goal I can reasonably meet.


  1. Mind over matter! It's something we tend to forget Jeanne--you're right. Don't let the day form itself before it's even begun. I like word games. A lot. I've been playing word bubbles lately:

  2. Karen - I think I'd enjoy playing word bubbles with you, but Words With Friends has turned out to be - well, what is that huge sucking sound? Oh, my life going down the drain.