Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Joy of Healing

Remember that - amplify that memory, driving the Civic down through the ravine and around and home.

Immediately had it back, the skill.  Then the pleasure of being able to stop and roll the window down and take the picture I wanted to get of the orange construction fencing down there.  I love the colors orange and bright gold in this weather.

And all this mixed with the realization of pain and dis-ability in that right arm.  Pain behind R shoulder blade, which PT has me exercising now with “pinches”.  Pain up neck - other muscles trying to take the load from the arm.  Still, pain in the biceps and simple limitation.

However, able to reach forward with right hand and turn on the key.  Able to make turns, mostly using the left arm.  So, able to drive.  The trick now is to do it in moderation day by day, not upping the pain level too much or tearing something else.  It is obviously going to be a real exercise, physical therapy.
The backstory:  In early September I fell walking across a room and broke my right (good) arm up near the shoulder.  Six weeks in sling, four more before I felt up to physical therapy, now doing that.  I haven't tried to drive in all that time.  Meanwhile, the shoulder essentially got "frozen," which means PT is about stretching it to gradually break through the lesions that formed.  You do this by taking a pain pill before you go.  The cool thing is that I run into friends at the PT-rehab place (McConnell) - we are all in this together.
One more thing.  Yesterday was a very hard day for me, and this morning I was deeply tired.  But stepping out into the cold (43' Farenheit) was refreshing.  I love the energy of open skies.  And I felt really fond of the little 2000 Civic, bought new, 34,000 miles, it will run forever.


  1. Beautiful post, your voice fresh and nourishing, eternal.

  2. Jeanne, I'm glad you were able to drive again! Okay, this makes me sound like a bit airheaded, but recently, after I over-exercised, and my thigh muscles were KILLING ME, and I could only hobble slowly up stairs, I had a much better appreciation for pain, and people in chronic pain. Life is definitely trickier.

  3. I'm sad to hear that pain is such a constant companion in your life--
    In gratitude for the orange fencing...
    Love to you and Tom

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