Friday, July 16, 2010

ordinary life

re member at the end of the vook, Candide decides the bet thing is hyjust to stay home and tend out own fgardens?  I am looking forward to that - home and cat.  I expecxt I WILL geet nquite a talking to from the cat, who has been asking tom for extra petting. she doesn't like changes in routine.  Not a Zen cat
, then.

i get to go home tomorrow if i continue to tolreratesollid foosa well.  From now on it's a low-fat diet.  experrienxe tells me my pancreas will hace me start belcdhing and having pain if i crosss the line.  So ir's shervet, not ice cream, for instancxe, and broiled fish, nor sdeep-fried.  It doesn't feel difficultfg, except for trhe guacamole.  You should enjoy yyour fuaxamole nuntil they tell you not to.  mAYBE I;ll have a lowfat potluck.guacamole banned. 

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  1. You get to go home and tend your garden with Sheba, no-Zen-of-a-cat when you're not around! Yes to sherbert. Darn about no guacamole.