Sunday, August 18, 2013

Both sides now

Things I bitch about:
~ Everything has gone to hell since the fifties. See the ad that opens the video above (though I kinda like the music).
~ I'm addicted to Candy Crush.
~ My mother doesn't clean up after me anymore.  (And that's not the only way I miss her.)
~ My bladder is getting old along with the rest of me.
~ I have to wear custom orthotics and athletic shoes pretty much all the time or my left ankle hurts and I break tiny bones in my feet, which is excruciating.  Worse:  I just can't go barefoot, even around the house.
~ I am allergic to every season.  Spring grass and tree pollen.  Summer ragweed.  Autumn leafmold.  Winter cold (fibromyalgia).
~ There is a very limited choice of dingbats here on Blogger. It makes me -
~ Really bad karma led me to being actively bipolar.
~ And really bad karma makes it impossible to take any of the drugs.  We've tried.  Not that the drugs work.
~ The compression fracture I got from my bad fall this spring hurts most of the time, and gets worse when I drive or wear a bra.
~ This is our front yard today.
from the bedroom window

from the street

~ The new line to the sewer is costing us almost $8,000.  The house has smelled like drains for several days.  We didn't have water or the ability to flush the toilets for two days. 
~ I'm still not completely unpacked since the last move (ten years ago).
~ I keep falling down breaking bones, getting concussions, nobody knows why.  Neurologist appointment coming up, sigh.
What, you need more?  I've got more.  I have 83 problems, like everyone else.  But on the other hand, obstacles are also opportunities. . . .
~ The internet!  Candy Crush!
~ Zen in the West!
~ I had a loving mother who taught me hard work by example, and at least gave me an ideal of neatness.
~ I'm still here, aging bladder in place.
~ My insurance covered the orthotics. I haven't broken a foot bone since I got them.
~ Our house has a good HEPA filter on the furnace and central air.
~ Bipolars are creative.  Irish poet karma is not all bad.
~ The sewer problem has led to much neighborly conversation and compassion.
~ I am newly appreciative of flush toilets.
~ Finally, while I hate falling, I've always liked the Samurai motto - 
Fall seven times, stand up eight.


  1. Connection is always good. Sending love. Oh how I wish I was walking down the street and I see you. Oh wait, I see you. Love...

  2. I figure that the human life is built with consciousness to be aware of the decline of the body so that you wish death over further suffering. With this knowledge we can hopefully move along quite fast on the path…if we so desire.

  3. "Irish poet karma is not all bad." I love your wicked sense of humor.

    1. Thank you for making me smile, Chris. I didn't realize that would be funny, which often happens to me. I've complained often about my alcoholic father, who should have been a poet instead of a soldier and an engineer. But there you are. I still have the huge anthologies from the class he most enjoyed in college, American Lit. And as a culture, we have some terrific poetry from Irish poets. Thanks for writing.