Monday, May 9, 2011

Not making anything of it

Maybe I'm not blogging or writing much because it begins to seem like wasting time to keep twisting reality into words.  Thought of Nanchuan cuts the cat in two -
"If any of you can say a word of Zen, you will save the cat."
(I found myself on Google when I looked this up to get the quote right.  So there you are.  My words are eternal now, I'm afraid. Unless human-unkind destroys this lovely planet I am "in the cloud.")

Not that art and literature is worthless.  Oh, no.  I love beauty.  I love other people's art.  But my interest in photography is the same - I love to see good photos, but don't feel the urge, even need, to take them.  (Anyway, I've taken so many, and that goes for words too.)  My spiritual development right now seems to be about being in reality, letting it change and pass, not making something of it.  Just a thought.
[Image, Baby Jesus, Nathan's mother's cat.  To think more about the koan, go to Nathan's blog, Dangerous Harvests.

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