Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poor kitty

We took Sheba to the vet today for her annual exam, taking with us concerns about the way her eating habits have changed - she will eat only soft food cut up very small, and often eats only the gravy.  Perhaps connected to this, she looked thinner.

It turned out she has gone from 9 pounds to 7.3, a big loss. 

When Dr. Mark tried to look inside her mouth, she screamed with pain, and hissed, something she never does.  Poor cat.  He could see she is red in there, and could smell on her breath something; it could be uremia from failing kidneys or some problem in her mouth.  He took a blood draw for both kidney function and thyroid level.  We should get results tomorrow.  If her kidneys are too bad to go under anesthetic so they can look at her mouth and perhaps correct a problem, then we will be thinking about this version of dialysis kitties get, subcutaneous hydration.  We’ll get results from him tomorrow.

Poor Sheba.  When we got home we tried to give her an eyedropper full of the pink liquid amoxicillin he wants her on twice a day.  It might help whatever’s going on in her mouth.  Oh, how strong she can be when she is frightened of being held down.!  She got away from us and went under our bed, way in the center.  Cats all seem to know that’s as safe a place as they have in the house.

Later she was asleep in her chair, very relaxed, so we managed to creep up on her and I held her against my body while Tom poked the dropper in her mouth, without trying to hold her mouth open the way you usually do.  Of course she didn’t like it, tried to fight, but did swallow it.  Then ran from us again.

Even later tonight she is still wary of me after all she went through today.  Some cats aren’t like that.  But that’s the kind of cat she is.

The Dr. also confirmed that she seems older than the age given on her chart, 4, which was what was on her chart at Cat Welfare.  The kidney failure usually comes later, and she was borderline kidney when we got her a year ago.

So another problem or two or three has been added to our 83 problems. Maybe that means some of those other problems have dissolved. 

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