Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get ready

Today after church, bright-eyed with happiness, Laurie told me that she passed the Donor Day tests (EKG and chest X-ray, among others).  I just sighed.  Networks of internal tension began to relax.  I'd had a couple of bad nights, waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.

They asked her when we should schedule the surgery and she told them 4-6 weeks, and the nurse wrote that down.  Seems to mean they will go ahead and schedule, though Laurie has one more test this week - a cat scan of her kidneys, so they can determine which one to take.  It is very unlikely that they will find any problems now, after the preliminary tests of her kidneys.

She reminded me that I also have to "pass" a blood draw to examine my lipase enzyme, which will tell what kind of shape my pancreas is in.  That's scheduled for Sept. 1.  Then there's making sure the nurse has the results of my recent big tests.

My, this is so data oriented.  What do you say?  I was aware that no sooner do you pass a major hurdle - Donor Day - than two more rise before you.  Then we'll be ready for surgery.

This transplant has many possibilities, but the odds are good (95%) that it will take and work well, because it's from a living donor.  If so, it will revitalize me as the new kidney cleans my blood and tissues. Once I recover I'll have more energy.  Enough to visit the Park of Roses when the traditional rose garden is in bloom.  Enough to actually make the collage of materials that represent my summer.  Hospital bands, thank-you notes, pretty papers, petals.  In the center will be a tiny Chinese fortune I found in a pocket the other day.  It says "Get ready for a daring adventure."
[image:  a white single rose in the Park of Roses in Columbus, Ohio]


  1. I admire you for all these, the patience, the procedures, the lists, the hospital visits, the waiting, the tests, the anticipation, the anxiety, the bad days and nights.. I could go on. You actually want to live longer, you value life, where many would just give up.

    That is what you give.

  2. May your daring adventure be full of good fortune.

  3. This unfolding story of your daring adventure inspires me to be more daring and adventurous. May the final tests be just right. Then comes an opening for newly energized blood.