Saturday, January 2, 2010

"All you have to do is follow the schedule"

Hello and Joy Luck New Year -
I am content to wind down into winter.

We have a junco in the bush this morning, and a robin sitting very fatly, so his russet vest seems stretched over his body - turning his head pertly here and there as if looking for someone, and this is likely - they often travel in pairs or packs, I've noticed. I see a little bit of blue tint to the sky this morning. The sky colors not at all the way you mix paint. With watercolor, one drop of a sincere color like indigo will tint the whole jar of water. It is quite cold, about ten degrees.

I am at the second day of acting on my resolution. Thought I would share it - it is to have one cup of coffee when I get up, doing the miscellaneous things I like to do first thing at the computer - check e-mail, maybe answer one or two - observe wildlife activity, wind, and sky in the little landscape before me. And then meditate. And to do this as routinely as if I were in a Zen center where the bell starts ringing and it is time.

And it is time now.

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  1. And while reading your post, I was thinking, I would like to do that too. Do things that have meaning, that we will miss doing when we're gone.

    Blessed new year to you..