Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

We spiritual artistic types are by nature suited to meditate, draw, write, decorate the house for Christmas, wrap gifts prettily, make gifts by hand - anything but schedule blood draws and take the cat to the Vet (you can hear her toenails when she walks across the kitchen). So at times I have to move my artist self aside and allow the executive secretary I should have been emerge to help me out.

She did good work yesterday, divided my business cards into Medical and Friends, with rubber bands around each one, and the Medical roughly arranged with current doctors on top. So just now I was able to easily find a phone number I need.

This woman can calmly and thoughtfully try to find a phone number for a doctor whose secretary left a blurred message about rescheduling. She does not indulge in frustration, which is anger at things not going your way. She does not let herself believe that a little thing like this shouldn't take 20 minutes. Her mind is not on things to do that would be more fun. What a woman!

Now she is preparing a letter to a surgeon requesting a small sort of favor, a lab order. She will be surprised if it works out smoothly, but she has done her best. The letter looks good (actual snail mail!) but she has to find an envelope and address it by hand; she does not know how to do that on the computer, and believe me, while she is a paragon of efficiency in some ways, she is not gifted technically. It would take much, much longer for her to do it than to just write the address by hand. Maybe not for you, but for her.
later: And here it is, Christmas Eve. I wonder how many of my internet friends will be checking blogs tonight or tomorrow.

We are holding an Open House tomorrow, since we don't have family we can be with on Christmas Day. So today has been given over to the kind of activities my executive assistant likes to oversee: putting away things that should have been put away before, cleaning (especially running the robot vacuum), polishing, setting up the table. We could go to late candlelight service tonight, but it feels like too much trouble to get all dressed up and go out in the cold. Just now we've been watching and listening to the Valparaiso University concert. It's reassuring to see an audience stand reverently for the Messiah.

It's mostly been a very secular Christmas for us, yet calm and happy. Perhaps tonight we will sleep in heavenly peace. I wish the same for you.

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  1. Count me in as one who checks blogs on Christmas eve and day.. actually my computer is on all the time. Count me in as your internet friend too :D Your Christmas sounds peaceful and not chaotic like what I just had.. lots of kids, lots of cousins, lots of eating, and lots of fun. But I had to find some quiet time once in a while..

    Merry Christmas to you too!!