Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Final Report on Disorganization Project

My inspired vow to get more disorganized did turn out to be the easiest thing I ever did. The recovery has been a little harder. It is probably fortunate that Tom, who is slower to adopt bright ideas, just kept on his own way. But that left me this morning with a dishwasher full of clean dishes that I had to put away before we could have breakfast, because we wanted to eat our eggs with forks. And a dish drainer full, overfull, of the kind of utensils you have to wash by hand, two days worth. Somewhere in all those was the pancake turner I needed if I wanted to make eggs over light. Bad karma, bad! I said, the way you would to a dog.

Fortunately, I had not insisted on being faithful to my vow - I seldom do - and had folded my black sweater last night and put it away rather than throwing it on the bed where Sherlock, Cat of Many White Hairs would have loved to lie on it. In doing that I learned an alternative to organizing/disorganizing: common sense.

Today's vow (doesn't everybody have a bright idea every day?) is to carry my little knitting project with me everywhere I go. I think I can handle that. I won't forget it, just as, back in the day, I never forgot my cigarettes. I'm sure the analogy is obvious.

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