Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where happiness is

More thoughts this morning on positive attitudes. Looking for joy is like knowing what you really, really hope is inside that Christmas package. If you do get it, there comes that moment when you feel let down.

Thinking about another way to say the Buddha's basic teaching.

1. You have a subtle, constant craving for a sense of absolute security* and constant pleasure** that, in the very nature of things, can never be satisfied.***
*impossible. Earthquakes, melanoma.
**impossible. Ask any alcoholic.
***you are a carbon-based life form that ages, gets sick, and dies, and so do the other life forms. No sooner do you get things exactly how you like them than something changes.

2. Your insistence on trying to fulfill your impossible dream leads to frustration and disappointment, and doing stupid things. You are like a child busy digging with a little tin shovel for buried treasure that doesn’t exist, and ignoring the beach and sea and sky.

3. You don’t have to keep acting like this.

4. You can change your purpose. You can decide to stop digging and experience actual reality, think straight, and live decently.
Then the legend tells us how; the Eightfold Path, which still makes a lot of sense.

Alright. So, experience Thanksgiving.

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