Friday, October 31, 2008

Napping - I do it for the cat

It's true - Sherlock is at his happiest in the late afternoon, when we both lie down for about an hour. He inserts himself in between us (this works best when he's parallel) and becomes very soft.

He has normally been napping for several hours by now, as daytime is the middle of the night to him. His first nap of the day is often in the front hall, especially if the sun's coming in through the storm door. He might vary this by lying on the kitchen table, obscuring an entire copy of the newspaper. His second nap, from noon to 3:00, is in the guest room. He strolls into the master bedroom for his third nap when he hears me get in bed.

Sherlock is so simple. I have been working hard all my adult life to get somewhat near his contentment. When both of us are there at the right time of day for napping, the room dark, at least one person's hand on him, or maybe his feet pushing up against one person and his spine against the other - the cat is in bliss. But then, he is a lifelong meditator. It seems to come easy.

I was going to comment that he has no problems to tumble over and over in his mind, the 83 problems every human has. And this is true. His relationships are simplified by being an indoor cat. The boundaries of his territory are clear and impermeable. He does concern himself with his food bowl, as he is devoted to the habit of snacking on dry catfood between meals. He makes sure the level of catfood doesn't fall too low by meowing insistently and/or pounding on available people to get us to follow him to the kitchen. Sometimes he has to do that to ensure that water is left for him in the bathroom sink. The fresh water in his bowl in the kitchen is clearly inferior, and a last resort. And, as you can see from the picture, water in a vase is best of all, and he goes right for what he wants, not hesitating to debate right and wrong.

Sherlock takes care of himself, never putting off the practical matters of food, water, and napping. In turn, he gives only what he wants to give, when he wants to give it, and never troubles himself with anger management. Maybe I've said this before: I'm not convinced that it's better to be born human. We work so hard to develop the equanimity that comes natural to cats.

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  1. This comment is directed at your current poll. I have nothing against Sherlock, besides he looks like he can take care of himself.
    Your poll says (quite parenthetically) that it is for Unitarians Only. However, you have chosen to post in the 'blogosphere' and not in the 'bluugosphere'. That being the case, I feel it is incumbent that you include these additional choices:
    1. Unitarians (including Unitarian Universalists);
    2. Closet Unitarians, for many may sympathize with them -- but for reasons of their own choose not to identify with them;
    3. Other, I believe this category is self-evident;
    4. Closet Other, after all some 'others' might just be masquerading; and finally:
    5. Undecided Unitarian Universalists, this could be abbreviated as UUU and includes all the UUs who are still discussing what it is that they actually are.