Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Always Something

Still waiting for news about whether Laura can give me a kidney, I am reading the transplant e-list.  I come to a thread about weight gain that quotes a respectable source:
Becoming overweight after a successful kidney transplant is a real possibility, as it affects two thirds of kidney recipients. This weight gain is often attributed to the liberal nature of the diet after transplant compared to the pre-transplant diet. Also, you will likely have a better appetite after transplant, leading to a much higher food intake.
Thus it is I sigh and say, "It's always something."

I was just thinking about the post-transplant diet last night.  From my journal:  
Things I am going to do after my transplant
Eat two corn dogs in one sitting.  Lose 15 pounds without trying. [not very likely on steroids] Get the van washed.  Weed the front garden.  Paint a picture of Sheba looking out the front door at the squirrel that is hanging upside down in the bird feeder.  O, I have no idea.  Shop till I drop.  Guacamole! (potassium)  Eat a steak dinner (protein, top-salted) with baked potato (potassium) and sour cream (phosphates).
You'll notice the obsession with food, due to the fact that the kidney diet is severe.  And it's not something you can really break without paying the consequences, such as a stuffy headache, or throwing up.

But it's always something, isn't it?  I am convinced that there is no trip to Disneyland or whatever that Harry Potter thing is they do now without its disappointments.  No wedding without a drunken uncle.  No promotion or new house that really satisfies.  If you get that pony you dreamed about - there's the cleaning up after him.Maybe it's better to keep these things in imagination, after all, and have something nice for lunch.


  1. I hope you feel better soon. That sounds like a tough situation, I'll remember you during my meditation.

  2. Thank you so much.
    And I like your visual, hands together in a bow.