Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not just another Facebook app

It is definitely spring, bringing spiritual renewal whether we make an effort or not. I wish everyone a walk like I had at twilight last night, just moseying along, no destination or goal except to be with . . . to take in the energy of spring and of my quiet neighborhood with all its old trees. It was every bit as restful as sitting meditation.

However, there are no substitutes for sitting. This leads me to recommend The Big Sit, sponsored by Tricycle Magazine. I don't sit regularly with a local sangha, so I like the sense of support I am feeling from joining this internet sangha. It's kind of like a nice gel/foam cushion for your practice. It has already started, but they invite us to join anytime. I especially like "The Value of a Vow," which has reminded me once again to take my life seriously.

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