Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Healing Gifts

Today, for the second time, I listened to a guided healing meditation by Jack Kornfield, whom I had the great good luck of sitting with just once at Spirit Rock. It was more satisfactory for me this time, though my back still hurts - there's only so much you can do about getting old.  I thought I'd share it here, though I always feel somewhat shy about sharing spiritual experience.  I don't know whether visualization can work for everyone, but it's worth a try, and Kornfield leads it well, makes it easy.

This time my mind went back to a place that felt like a healing temple to me.  This was a small art gallery we visited during a vacation in Toronto Montreal that was simple, clean, and silent.  I rested on a bench there, not examining any particular painting, just enjoying the peace of the place.

The healing presence who came to me looked quite a bit like Andrew Weil, a healer of the body and the whole self....

And also like Bernie Glassman Roshi, whose specialty is the mind, or consciousness, and ethics. 

And when I thought about it they both reminded me of someone generous I loved in childhood.........

So there you are.

You do various things during this meditation, and at two points the healing presence gives you something.  The first time I got a small jewelry box that contained a clear glass heart pendant.  I liked that.  I do a lot of heart-cat meditation with Tashi; she prefers being held against my heart to sitting on my lap.

The second gift was even better - a small white book, the cover handmade paper.  I smiled, because I knew instantly that the book was blank, and when I opened it, it was.  So, I thought, every day is a blank page.  Anything can be written on it.

And I thought I'd pass that on.

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