Friday, September 7, 2012

Today's Spiritual Practice.

How easy it is to want the clean and pretty, to think that is spirituality. 

I was having my coffee, getting ready to close my door, open Dogen and intake a few paragraphs of Genjo Koan, then do stretches and meditate.  Thinking about when I can have time for poetry today, since it seems to be a good day.  Then Tashi came in talking to me.

So I got up and checked her box.  Diarrhea again.  Cleaned the box, washed my hands, went to kitchen, got out the diarrhea medicine the Vet gave us day before yesterday.  Tom held her, and I got 1 cc of the gel into her mouth.  Down she went, sat licking her chops.  I put the medicine on the counter and thought, There.  Now I can go back to my spiritual life.  It is making me smile to write this.

[image: Tashi on kitchen table, special effect]

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