Friday, July 6, 2012

The Zen of the Lion King

Here I am again, on the iPad at church, which has not only electricity but Internet. Phone charged, ready for bed. By tomorrow midnight 90% of us in Franklin County are supposed to have power back. This is day 8. I have a feeling that if we don't get it tomorrow at midnight I will start to scream. And a lot of other people, too. Waiting is a lot different than living. And it's all in your mind. Waiting, I mean.

Let's see if I have these line breaks figured out. Constantly learning my gadgets.

After potluck tonight we watched Lion King here in room 8, four of us, all over 60. I kept seeing how great it must have been on Broadway, alas. Liked how it was that Simba had to realize who he was, his true self. Sometimes I see what we call the dharma everywhere' that is, the truth about life as Buddhism teaches it.

Movies love the idea that the evil self-destruct, that integrity and goodness are directly rewarded. I think the concept of karma is that it can be much more subtle than that. And there is such a thing as luck, good and bad, that you did nothing to earn.

Justice is not inevitable, is it? Look how much squealing it's taking to get any justice in the killing of Trayvon Marton. Ten years ago the media did not exist that are enabling people to express themselves and bring certain truths to light. Roughly, there are two kinds of fiction: the kind that paints the world as we wish it were, and the kind that rakes you open with the truths of uncertainty, pain, injustice. The first kind makes a lot of money; the second aspires to be art.

Just writing to write here - not being able to has been like a steady case of oxygen deprivation. And haven't figured out how to get an image from here. Maybe tomorrow I'll be back at my own beloved computer. Maybe, maybe not.

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