Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My arm is healed! But wait, there's more

Leaf showing its bones
I just feel like shouting it to the world.  Today the sports doc had it x-rayed, and I got to see the picture side-by-side with the picture he took in October ago - and the bone is completely healed. Seamlessly.  I fell and broke it in early September (the first x-rays were taken out of town), so it's been a long haul.  It's my right arm, and I have refrained from posting here a very long list of all the things you do with your dominant hand, including use your mouse, and participate in touch typing.  Feed yourself.  Slice bread.  Like that.

So you're probably wondering why, then, does this beautifully mended right arm still hurt so much?  Because, he said (after expertly moving the arm this way and that), he thinks I tore the rotator cuff when I fell.  That would be the other rotator cuff.  The left arm already had a torn rotator cuff when I fell.  It was very painful.  And that's the arm I've had to use all this time.

The odd and interesting thing is that the left one hurts much less now than the right one.  And I don't care.  This is partly because it hasn't caught up with me yet.  And partly because he gives me oxycodone, since I can't take most painkillers due to the kidney (transplant), and because I am a sweet harmless old lady in tennis shoes and obviously not a risk for addiction (and he controls the quantity, it's not a bottomless prescription).  And partly I am not upset by this news because the left one has been healing, despite being subject to doing all the things a left arm normally doesn't have to worry about.  So they do heal.

I felt so empowered by this news that I chopped up some zucchini for dinner, using my right arm.  It's very hard to chop vegetables with your non-dominant hand, and just plain impossible to use scissors.  The zucchini was very good, sliced about 1/3" thick, steamed not too much, glazed with a little butter and dusted with lemon pepper.


  1. Is it actually torn? Did you see the MRI? If torn, it means arthroscopic surgery and a year's recovery time. Make sure it is torn, not arthritis and aging, which I have and I found a Dr. to do PT, ultrasound and deep needle augmenting with elastic band exercise to strengthen the muscles around.

  2. That's great Jeanne! I hadn't thought about you blogging whilst encumbered...

  3. Hi "Was Once." We had an MRI on the left one a while back, that showed the tear clearly, and hurt like hell, the shoulder immobilized for what seemed a long time. This time, I have confidence in the doctor's diagnosis through the physical symptoms when he moves the arm and shoulder around. I will start PT for both shoulders in two weeks. Surgery is not a good bet at my age, and with immune-suppressants slowing down all healing time.

  4. Yes, Karen. I was very brave, but modest and self-effacing. You know.

  5. Time to get a voice recognition typing program! And try learning how to leave your body, short at first and then progress longer. Ouch!