Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Practice of Generosity

Long-time readers know that I have been on the transplant list waiting for a kidney for over two years, and getting sicker. Here is a lovely story Susan sent me that fills out the story in the video above.


  1. I havent watched the video because Im rushing off to work. I wish there was something I can do to help. Is there something I can do to help?

  2. Hello. Passing on the URL for this post to people you know might help me or someone else. I think most people don't even know live donation is possible, and saves lives. They can now arrange cross-matches across long distances, even continents - the live donor doesn't have to match me, as long as they're in good health.
    Thank you so much for caring and asking. It has meant a lot to me to have you as a virtual friend.

  3. I will pass along the url. I am glad you are putting this information out here.