Saturday, March 13, 2010

Notes on spring for Susan

Rain today - our sudden days of sun over for now while a lot of the eastern US is getting flooded. I am working on learning the digital camera we've had since 2003, and hardly knew the first thing about. What is this odd thing we do? - want new technology but don't want to read the manual. I'm going to take a course on digital photographer and Photoshop, and if I know how to use this camera and still want a new one, maybe I'll get it.

The little old camera delivered a nice picture today under overcast skies. It doesn't allow manual control, as far as I know now, but does have a macro setting, so I got within about 4 inches of the snowdrops. This is our back yard - the first of the snowdrops there, but they are abundant over on Glenmont Road, where there are also yellow carpets of winter aconite thrown down.

Of course I love the moss and lichen on the brick above. The snowdrops have willingly made their way through the layers of oak leaves, as if they wanted to be a metaphor. But they do not have something strictly comparable to our intention.

Cloudy skies are best for taking pictures, I read, but not so good for my mood. I would really enjoy being tucked in bed reading on a rainy evening if you had confidence that tomorrow the sun will break through. We're not there yet. There's more of March to go.

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  1. Thank you this picture of hope. The snowdrop in your picture pushing through reminds me of a feeling that spring (lightness of heart) is coming even though clouds hover. I close my eyes and hear the gentle rain on the skylight in the home I loved near the neighbors I loved more. In my mind's eye I see that carpet of aconite and remember the fox I carried to my backyard for a final rest.