Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Devil Duck Dharma

I am constantly amazed to meet sophisticated, with-it people who don't know about Devil Ducks (or duckies, as loving fans sometimes call them). So above, a picture of my collection taken in earlier days by my grandson, Otto, before the addition of small yellow, coral, and purple duckies turned them into a real flock. I'm just too lazy to take another picture right now.

As you can see, a Devil Duck is not your everyday yellow rubber duckie, the one you have in the tub. It has slanted eyes and the arched eyebrows we associate with the Machiavellian. It has horns, unless it is a dead duck (second from left - note the x's for eyes - and his red tongue hangs out, too). It has a perky tail the same color as its horns. And what you can't see is the brand - Accoutrements for Evil. Accept no substitutes.

On the left we have John, Hotrod Duck, and on the far right the transparent Martha, Invisible Duck. The little white duckie has yet to grow into its role, I guess.

You are wondering what all this means. Why do I have seven devil ducks on my desk, one smartly poised on top of the barometer, the rest invading boring old paperwork? Because I can't afford any more right now.

But seriously, isn't it refreshing to have a toy that is not nice, not scripted, not about war, not about meeting a prince and getting married, not all pink, either? A toy representing perfectly the toddler you once were, totally innocent, always ready to get in trouble. My constant readers will recognize my recent interest in developing satisfactory vices. Life is short.

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