Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birding. Bailouts

I suspect I am not the only common person to feel that the problem of rescuing the US economy is located in another realm, far far from my street, which isn’t even Main Street. Here on the winding drive the moment is about "Where did I put those binoculars?" I found them, and the fat little warbler posed on a near branch for a moment, so I could enjoy him.

It was not, I think, a Northern Waterthrush, but a yellow-rumped warbler, a common sight, according to my bird book, but not in my yard. This photo from Mike’s Birding and Digiscoping Blog caught the round, cuddly feel of the bird I saw this morning. I was glad to discover this blog. Mike has a way of being with nature that he is able to share through close photographs of birds, dragonflies, meadows, grass. He seems to be someone for whom birding is not a competition, but a way of love.

This is the real world, and it is comforting this morning. It often is. As for bailouts, Grandma has observed that if you keep cleaning up people’s messes, they’re never going to quit drinking.

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