Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waiting for a kidney

Still waiting to hear from pre-transplant.  We waited hard on Friday until 6:00, but the call did not come.  Then we relaxed as if kicked.  Tom speculated that if a cadaveric kidney comes in, everything to do at the moment with live donors is put aside while they try to do all the things they should do in the new situation.  Every minute counts when that kidney is packed in ice and the clock is running down.  I think getting the recipient ready must be like that scene in Close Encounters where they're running alongside the guy who's going to go with the aliens, asking him, "Have you been vaccinated?"  It would probably be like that.  Then you end up alone in a room on a gurney in a hospital gown with no underwear on and nothing to do.  Finally someone comes in and asks, "Are you still here?  They're going with the other guy.  Sorry."

In other words, we know there must be a lot going on to hold this up.  We begin to imagine the things that can occur along the way.  For instance, the MRI might show some shadow of a problem on the donor's lungs.  TB?  That will have to be settled.  Remember about uncertainty?

The best thing that's happened to me is that I wrote to Facebook about this and heard from a number of people who hadn't known what I was going through.  One of them was the friend of a friend.  She's been good to correspond with, and is inspiring me to ask more people to join me on Facebook and follow along with this process.

Suzanne has just put up a web site telling about what she needs, what this is like, and asking people to send it out to everyone they know.  Here it is. Please read what you can and help send it out into the universe.
[image:  Sheba demonstrating how to watch and wait prettily.]

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