Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is this clutter my karma?

10 a.m. already, still in PJs not dressed no breakfast have not written a poem, and so on.

Day thrown off by last night, got caught up in watching Carrier on TV till 11:00, so didn't shower and meditate before bed. Messy dreams, slept late. Yesterday throws off today, often for me it is in terms of cleaning up yesterday's messes, e.g. there are the coffee cups etc. on the kitchen counter. Is that what we mean by "karma"?

Vocabulary can involve you in endless difficulties---definition is a form of conceptualizing, and reality is not a concept. Reality is clear enough: today "my day" has lost two hours to sleep. Reality: the body. The older you get, the more assertive it is. Didn't make health club yesterday, and really want to exercise, hoping that what makes this darn left hip painful these days is not arthritis (or cancer) and will go away. Can be cured. So that's going to have to come first, before the daily work on the novel.

Check against vows: meditation comes first, darn it. That will settle things (me) down a bit.

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