Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tina's karma

I didn't think I'd be this old at 65, but there you are--there are things I can't do anymore for a combination of dumb disabilities. One of those things is get down and plant flowers. In 2005 I discovered that putting in a curving line of impatiens in front of the house was just too exhausting. In 2006, we paid a guy to do it, one of those guys that gets resentful it if you tell him what you want. So that was unpleasant and expensive, too.
Last year we had it aced, though. Our young friend Tina Gratitude offered to plant them for us, and she did. I don't seem to have a picture of that lovely line of mixed red, pinks, orange, lilac, and I can't locate the photo I took of her, visibly an earth mother.
This year --- well, we remembered that it had taken Tina all afternoon, and we thought about the waste of the necessary daily watering via a timed soaking hose, and the price of everything going up. We decided to just be mostly green and perennial (good metaphor!), no annuals.
I do love color, so I was delighted to step out the front door the other day and see this spot of red. Close examination showed it was one self-seeded impatiens, clinging to life by the front stoop, through this very dry summer.
Good karma is not always so visible. Thanks, Tina.

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