Sunday, May 12, 2013

This is Not Just Your Life

I'm trying to figure out how to teach the world this simple thing:
Insofar as you are not managing your own life, you are not doing your job.
Let me try that again.  Here are some of the things that are your responsibility:
Your calendar.- put things on it, check it
Being.  On. Time.
noting and returning phone calls
reading your e-mail, if you choose to have e-mail.  Or don't have it.

Taking good care of your precious human body, which you were lucky to get.
Oh yeah, taking care of your mind.
Ha. [Is she talking about meditating again?  Who has time to meditate?]
Saving for old age.  Yes. It does come.
And doing the job you're paid to do, and doing it well.
And doing the stuff you're not paid to do but said you would do.  Period.

But you don't want to do that stuff, do you?

You're a minister but you don't keep a calendar.  Whoops.  You forget a party a parishioner is holding in your honor.  Oh, silly you.  And oh gosh, you don't carry a notepad either, so you forget phone calls and you lose track of who's sick and you certainly don't take time for yourself.  You just let your stress build and build until you can go on a vacation and drink your way through Provence.  I mean, it's wine.  That's not alcohol, right?

You have a lousy grunt job far beneath you, like you work answering the phone for Express Scripts (which has thankfully been taken over by Medco and seems to be shaping up).  What a horrible stupid boring job.  One thing for sure, you know what's not your job, not your problem.

Somehow you just can't seem to hold a job, either.  Poor you.  Poor me, as I try to work my way through the bureaucracy and straighten out a tiny error and get my lifesaving medications.  Or send money through PayPal.  I was once ready to get a gun (which is really easy here in America) and kill PayPal, if only I could have found them, and all over 18 cents.

I merely choose these examples out of thin air. They are everywhere.

Whoever you are, whatever you are supposed to be doing, for pay or by choice, you are not doing it well if you are not taking care of your responsibilities.  And you are screwing up the rest of us. Everywhere.  So shape up.  It's not just about silly you wasting your life procrastinating, shrugging off your failures, taking on more than you can handle, coming in late, going broke, smoking, drinking, buying crap from China made in sweatshops and factories that have ruined the air there, feeding your chickens antibiotics because they grow faster and you can make more money doing that, eating fast food because hey, who has time?

I don't want to hear your excuses.  What you do goes everywhere. So turn out the light when you leave the room. Please.


  1. When you stop fighting, "the way things are" joy is a natural state of being. Also anything you chose to bring to your consciousness, becomes your experience. I am trying to work on these two things.