Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sitting There in the Ashes

I like this, not least because it was filmed on a national news channel; and it is a sip of distilled Buddhist wisdom. (Also, it shows a few photos of Pema Chodron in her first life as an ordinary person.)

I'm curious how readers will react to this.


  1. Some clear simple wisdom...just sit with your suffering.
    I've always loved her, and had a male friend who spent a month in her
    Gampo Abbey.

    1. Yes. I realized after I posted this that you have to practice meditation 10 or 15 years to learn how to sit with the big emotional storms of your life. And maybe that's the main thing we're sitting for. Maybe it's equanimity.

    2. Excellent.....really all I can say...Excellent.

  2. great stuff,
    THX again, Jeanne.


  3. Thank you, Jeanne. Any time listening to Pema helps. Just sit with pain. Try not to escalate it. I can hear her saying, "Here, if I were to say it in 3 words. Dissolve the barriers. Oh, how to do it? In three more words, "Open the heart." And then, "This is important. Maybe write it down." She makes me smile and inspires my whole heart. Loved the pictures of her early life.