Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good habit

I have spent much of my life breaking bad habits - smoking comes to mind. 

I suppose other people have bad habits too, things they wish they wouldn't keep doing.  But we have good habits too.  Say getting to work on time - some people never do.  Or working itself, though that is often a bad habit, too.

I found myself thinking this morning that it is time to make a firm decision - resolve - intention to meditate every morning.  I can pin it to taking my 8:00 a.m. meds, which also means feeding Tashi, and she knows that - cats love nothing so much as routine.  Everything going regular.  We can learn from them.

A couple of years ago Tom and I decided to just go to church every Sunday, to stop getting up and sitting around with the paper undecidedly, maybe feeling like going, maybe not.  How good this has been I can't even tell you.  I got my new kidney from a woman I knew from that church.  And much more.  Even if it bores me or I am restless, overall, church is a good habit.  My church anyway.  I like the people there, I have stopped wandering. Very settling to make these decisions and have it done with.

Meditating is another very good thing for me to do, just do, every day before the day gets rolling faster.  I have found that forming a good habit is easier than dissolving a bad habit.  It's a thought.

Now to do it.

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