Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vanity Fair Showcases Me

Style icon: Wallis Simpson (I'm that old)

Wallis in her famous monkey dress
Favorite fashion purchase of all time: the Hollywoodish swing coat, jewel color velvet, that my mother encouraged me to go right back there and buy for myself. So I only wear it once a year, so what? Sometimes you should listen to your mother.

Notable ensemble of 1970: a floaty skirt, black with white daisies with yellow centers on it, with a wide black patent belt and a sleeveless black knit top. Yes, sleeveless. Didn't give it a second thought.

Favorite irreplacable item of clothing: much faded blue denim shirt, which I somehow lost this week.

Worst fashion purchase in the past year: A $70 purse that just doesn't work for me. If I'd bought it at a thrift store I'd have donated it back by now. A good reason to shop at thrift stores.

Favorite designer: the person who invented yoga pants

Go-to outfit:  washed cotton tee, loose cotton pants with elastic waist.

Style tip:  Nobody really notices you.

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