Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bad words

Did you ever feel like you will scream if you see that word one more time?  Vibrant, vibrant, vibraannnnnnttttt.........
Keep it up, I'll show you vibrant.

Jesus, what adjectives did we use before that came along?  Everything vibrates now with life, everything is vivid, vital, everything pops. Vibrantly.  As if until now everything was dead, it was a zombie world until the word came to life and the word was -
People actually strive to be vibrant.  Why?  In my opinion, and I'm not alone in this, vibrant people are tiring to have around.  The more they accomplish, the more one hates them.

Please people.  Settle down.  Toss this striving for vibrancy.  Let's be ordinary and sit still.

While you're at it, toss awesome, too.  All that reverence wasted on praising the latest new this and new that.  What are you going to say when you visit Chartres if you've used up your awesome allotment for life?

But wait, there's worse.   As the Awesome Meter shows, we now have in common parlance the really tiresome word, meh, which means something a bit worse than "it bores me."  There's a condescension in it, as if to say This [thing, idea, entertainment option] does not move me at all.  It is dead to me, what is wrong with you, why did you drag it in here?  It implies that something is - not vibrant.

Well, this is what happens when you wander too long on the internet.  So I think I'll just go read a book.  You know, one of those things with a whole lot of pieces of paper . . .

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