Monday, June 30, 2014

DalaiG has a webcam

Voila, the world today is full of toys!
Woman trying to look pleasant all the time, just looks goony.*
Woman trying to look like nice grandma, looks fundamentally harmless.  Of course, that could be useful.
How woman actually looks when not trying - like she is thinking.  Oh no!
I feel perpetually guilty for not posting here (make up your mind!) so this morning I was trying to copy in a little sign I made for myself in a text box - words of teacher Yvonne Rand. But I can't get it to copy and it doesn't matter, anyway. So here is the text:
Why be unhappy
about something you can change?
Why be unhappy
about something you can’t change?
Now, why be unhappy?  

I don't set out to be unhappy.  It's just that this morning I feel this certain hmm . . . I don't know. Actually. I can't say anything's wrong.  I just have no goals, no drive.  And don't feel like doing what I think I should do.  Hmmm, that's different.  I'm not, like, amused or delighted, dopamine flowing, whatever we mean by "happy."  My senses are not being occupied by something like Grand Budapest Hotel, thank God (they were yesterday - I was too bored to walk out).  I'm just - oh, here.  Kind of interesting.  Of course I hurt somewhere, but that's life at 71 2/3 years old.

Anyway, hello everyone.  Do me two favors today:
1.  Don't smile when you don't mean it.
2.  Don't ever tell me to smile.  (Or your daughter, either.)  Hey, if you don't like someone's mood, go away.

* I know I should edit those washed-out photos, but they don't pay me enough.
update:  I have no drive, no goals today either, but that's fine with me.  Maybe that's the secret.

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