Friday, August 16, 2013

Keep sitting, Grumpy Cat

Good morning cattywampus friends. I was hoping to copy a Buddha birthday card I found on the Zen Center of Sunnyvale gallery, but they didn't copy well for me. A number of their cards are made by children honoring Buddha's birthday, a much nicer idea than buying yourself a big flatscreen TV for Christmas. The message in the card I wanted to put here was "Even Homer can Become a Buddha."  A good one, since we are all broken, yes, even those who wear black and eat vegan and never watch TV.

But the Sunnyvale kids aren't the only ones with this thought.  It looks like you can buy a Homer Buddha.
And of course, everyone has a Kitty Buddha, right?  Here's a picture of Grumpy Cat stuck at a certain stage of realization.

Okay, Grumpy Cat, get on the path and let it pass.