Friday, April 5, 2013

Where I'm Calling From

You're probably wondering, Where is Jeanne?  Did she die?  I could, you know. Mic the redness in this painfully swollen right foot is cellulitis, it could make me septic and kill me.  I told Tom, that should be worth oh, $10 million just for pain and suffering.  If they have to amputate it, tha's worth My real dwelling has no pillars and no roof either, so rain cannot soak it and wind cannot blow it down. -Ikkyu Sojun

It drives me crazy to write on my iPad.  Look what it just did, pasting when I was trying to get a cursor.  

Okay.  This is not funny on a bad day, and every other day is lousy for this bipolar self beyond the help of chemistry.  But today it's funny.  That's the interesting thing, and led me to suddenly understand a koan assigned to me years ago, Seigo the Chinese girl, has two souls... There's a folk tale with it, you can find it easily enough thes days.

I can't sit at my computer and write because I haven't figured out how to do that and have my legs,out straight in front of me, let alone feet higher than heart.  That's the recipe for this dependent edema wished upon me by a f----- statin drug as I wrote last week.  Next week I'll be scheduling lymph edema massage for it.  I have to be transported by van and wheelchair.  I can only be on my feet as necessary, that is, to go to the bathroom, to shower.  That's it.

Today my lovely friend Darlene who cleans for us periodically helpd
me with massive wardrobe reorganization.  I've been so tired with all this medical stuff I stopped even intending to hang up clothes.  Anyway, you have to do that standing up.  I sat on the bed and straw bossed her. That meant my legs hung down.  I wasn't even standing on them.  But I wasn't elevating and icing.  I ended up in excruciating pain.

I am documenting this shit, even posted a photo of my feet on Facebook.  This was just plain bad medicine giving me that.  It was unnecessary and not the most reliable statin, either, I am told.  Fortunately, I have other doctors, good doctors, who are helping me through this and I never have to see that arrogant bastard again.  Who, may I say, was on vacation last week AND the guy covering for him didn't answer the nurse's page.  Well, everyone busy celebrating Easter.  But me and Tom.  We did not get to church.  I hope to go this Sunday, if I have a wheelchair.

You want to see something, you should see doctors painstakingly not say anything negative about another doctor while trying to patch up his mess.  But they will have to tell the truth if called on in court.  I am just not into being a nice girl anymore.
I can't get my wonderful toy, the iPad,  to do labels on posts, either, or get at my major photo trove, or move a photo where I want it.  And making corrections is too hard.  Typos.  And I was an English major.  More suffering.

:). As we say on Facebook.  Where, BTW you could follow my page, if you were on Facebook.  (Don't knock it.  We chronic invalids love it.)


  1. IPAD blogger is buggy…it is not you, Jeanne.

  2. Melanie from AustinApril 7, 2013 at 1:45 PM

    I am so very glad you're alive and so very sorry you are suffering so acutely because of that damn doctor. What you're documenting is so helpful to anyone who has to deal with doctors and hospitals and big medical problems. I have a friend right now who is about to travel out of state for a heart procedure because she said "No" to surgery by the highly-rated, young, arrogant, and pushy expert in town. Her experiences with her mother, a kidney transplant patient who was taken off her anti-rejection drugs in a nursing home, have made her a saavy and vigilent patient. Some would say it's too risky to travel-- and she is questioning her choice. She's still working on what to do, but you remind me to listen well and not dispense advice. She has no lack of advice. I have no doubt you're helping by posting from the medical front. I hope you're out of the hospital and feeling better very soon.