Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Spring!

Absolutely everything these days is turning me toward Grandmother's Heart, specifically, how we women need to learn to turn that heart toward ourselves.  I don't mean to exclude men at all; I just know that many or most men have women nurturing them, mother, wife, sisters.  Then you turn around and women neglect themselves and are downright mean to other women.

It is natural for women to nurture - heck, it is natural for cats.  Uh-oh, I'm envisioning a cute cat picture.
Later -
It's sunny, it's spring, I've done enough work for the day, and I'm tired of thinking.  So here's a link to my friend in Japan, with beautiful pictures.  Let her be an inspiration to you, as a gardener and a Woman.  Person, I mean.  Human.  Sentient being.*

And find your own cute cat pic.  Pix.  I'm going to go nurture myself.

* I was going to say, If you're reading this you're a sentient being, but not true.  Not anymore.  Hello Google.

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