Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Bloom

Today I am over the cold and most of the symptoms; not anxious, though I have the usual problems I am sometimes anxious about; and neither high nor low.  I feel balanced.  Not blissed, but happy in a quiet, contented way.  I thought readers might like to hear from me in that mood now and then.

It does seem that an occasional day of feeling balanced and at peace with life is nothing to remark on, but I guess it is for me.  Or has been for quite a while - but who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Meanwhile, art is more fun than words, so I will conclude by posting photos of some of the things I'm grateful for these days.

Tashi luminous in morning sun 

Mums Tom picked up grocery shopping last week, in a vase that was a housewarming gift from Marie

Rules in the Sunday School room we do creative movement in.  I count myself among the Nice tigers.
Watercolor sunset tonight after Art Journaling

Winter bloom (red-orange) on a tree in the church courtyard


  1. I have noticed when I go through a series of "good" days, I naturally cycle down, but now I no longer try to pin in on a cause and thus amplify it.(my old way)
    Just accept and try not to wallow in it finding more reasons to be down. Or then set myself up for wanting it better, or in total question what next will pop up. Setting up duality(comparing apples to oranges, when each day presents itself in new miracles) in life so one forgets to enjoy what is. If one may have trouble just reflect on your death right now and how you forgot to live in the present today when it was good. Now, I know all this might not always apply in your particular case, but worth a try for others. It was great to see the sun shots and good things that so naturally appear that we forget about. I can picture your cat rubbing against the sun drenched flowers, almost knocking them over.

    1. It's worse than that - she tries to eat them, and mums are one of many plants that are toxic to cats. I have to keep the door to this room closed when I'm not in it to keep an eye on her.