Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stress and the poor little cat

Tashi explores the consolations of Art
I would like to announce that I don't hate anybody.  Depending on my general state, sometimes people say things that gives me a hit of anger where I don't need it, in my stomach, but I don't hate them.  Or any politician, including the ones my friends hate.  Or, I should say, my acquaintances, because I am just not comfortable with people who hate-talk, even if it's ritualized.

And if I did hate somebody (it would probably be someone on Facebook who is desperately urging me to think positively) I would not announce it on the internet. And not even on Facebook, which is why I erased this, which began as a status, and put it here on my blog.  If you don't like it, you don't have to come back.  Facebook, that's trickier.  Sometimes you have no idea the crap that's in some people until there you are, and unfriending might be noticed and create hard feelings.

We are having a hard time lately in my house, with major health worry, facing another surgery, and major psychological stress in Tom's family, which means in Tom, which means in me and the poor cat.  She keeps coming around going Ip?  Ip? and looking at me searchingly. Even when the doors to the basement and screened porch are open for her to go freely mousing and patrolling.

You feel rotten when you realize how your emotional energies affect a poor little cat.  I told Tom, Tashi is the symptom bearer.  He thought that made an odd image, as if the cat was proceeding ahead in our march, a flag tied to her tail. That's a picture you will have to imagine.

But it does make me stop and think how a rude word, a snap of irritation or anger, a proud statement of hatred affect me - and her.  All of us.


  1. I'm going to facebook to see if you unfriended me.

    Also don't you think some of what the cat senses are our projections? Although even as I write that, if I am crying, Bella notices. Yet I don't stop to comfort her. I want her to comfort me. Selfish!?

    Positive thinking...I know for sure that was not me. ha!

  2. Hello, stopping by to finally make a comment! Very thought provoking post. I enjoyed it very much!

  3. Janell - I think that at times animals can see the images in our minds. Also, they probably smell our stress hormones. And maybe Bella feels good in the role of comforter?

    Mrs. N - Thank you. I am always glad to know that someone read me.