Friday, October 21, 2011

My Credo

 There's a lot of money to be made in sharing our wisdom before we die, so I thought I'd start work on mine while I can still enjoy the benefits.  It would be a shame to pass on without sharing the wisdom born of the considerable aggravations I personally do not think I deserved.  Here then, for starters, is what
I believe . . .
Pecan Sandies are good, healthy food, and regulate mood.
Pumpkin pie is a vegetable, and whipped cream is a gift from our friend, the benevolent cow.  Also butter.
People who eat right die anyway.
The bad things that happen to you have no purpose.
The chief benefit of long illness is that you learn you don't have to clean house.
Alcohol is a central-nervous-system depressant. Look it up if you don't believe me.
Fun is overrated.
So is winning.
The force of your will does not affect the outcome, so lighten up.
The pleasure of buying things has a short life, but debt has a long one.
On a related matter, there can be no debt without credit. Think about it.
You are almost certainly under-appreciated.
You are supposed to pay attention to your pain.
Sometimes you should let things get you down. People who are always up are annoying.
No matter how hard you deny reality, there it is.
There is only one way to never grow old.
You did not earn what you have, and don't deserve it. So cultivate humility and gratitude.
There is seldom anything gained by spending time with people who bore you.
It is impossible to get paid for doing something you would do if they didn't pay you.
Like your mother said, nobody wants to hear your excuses.


  1. Ahhh, a bracing Autumn breeze from the midwest. Thanks Dalai Grandma -- I enjoyed this!

  2. and...
    Saying nothing is often overlooked as a rational reply.