Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taking an experimental approach

Spring - remember?
Often I inspire myself in my own morning post to a good friend.  Today I wrote to her . . . "I guess our big huge stupid brains can't see the simple straightforward, that's the problem.  In fact, that is the problem." We build huge castles around our simple problems.  Interesting.

I think a certain amount of that is because we want to do it perfectly.  Get that answer, get it right the first time, have it all turn out the way we want it.  

Another way to go is to try something.  Explore it.  Expect to often change your mind or your tactics.  My favorite of all quotes is from an ancient Zen mystic named Dogen, who said, "My life has been a series of mistakes."  Now, how could it be anything else?  It's all new, every day full of stuff you never did before.  My ideal would be to be like a happy baby - fall down, laugh, get up and start lurching across the room again.

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