Friday, August 5, 2011

How to search for work

Update:  Not feeling well this morning, after a busy week, maybe too stressed - I think I am getting another UTI, waiting for callback from nurse.  You know. Otherwise, physical stamina improving, pain under control, trouble getting to sleep at night, generally happy.  Not much energy to write.
But this very good advice came my way this morning because I subscribe to Ocean of Dharma (a site about Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's work).  I know many people are looking for work.  For the fortunate rest of us, I suppose it would also apply to other things we undertake.  There is a way that it is about not being guided solely by ambition or concepts. One of my Zen teachers, Daniel Terragno, often said to me, in response to my koan work, "Too conceptual."  Often enough that it stuck.  Have a nice weekend, everyone.
You can plan everything, if you plan in accordance with your present state. You don’t plan something in terms of what you would like to be. No one can do that. You can only plan based on what you are now. Now you need a job, therefore you are working on finding one. The real way of being without aim or object is dealing with the present situation, the completely present situation. The more you are realistic about the present situation—how much money you need, what kind of job you are capable of doing, what state of health you are in—the better your chances when you look for a job. If a person is off the track of relating with the present moment, consumed with what might be, then quite likely her job search would be disastrous.  [from Work, Sex, Money by Chogyam Trungpa.]

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  1. Thank you. I needed to hear this. Even those of us who create our work get caught in this trap of applying for the dream rather than the reality.

    Hope you get better soon!