Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some specifics on being human

Curious things about me:

I get so exasperated making a menu-driven request, hating phone menus, impatient with them, bringing that concept (“I hate these menus”) to it. 

I didn’t like my new turquoise earrings once I realized they were beads, not real turquoise.  They look the same, and are lighter.  But not what I wanted.

When I can’t do anything right, I say “things are crazy today.” My friend used to say “It’s been a zoo.”  Is it me or is there really this weird energy to things when it's Spring?

I am very upset that I can’t figure out how to turn off the *&@#$ spellchecker.  (Lots of things are different with the refurb system unit.  I hate that, want to use it, not learn how to use it.)

I keep trying to FIGURE OUT the new phone instead of calling Verizon for god’s sake and finding out how to get a manual. 

I was all ADD yesterday, but wouldn’t stop and meditate for god’s sake.

I put off the oil change, when I actually like driving up there and sitting in their nifty waiting room dreaming about having an orange car.  But apparently don’t like it as much as sitting here in front of the computer. 

I have a very strong preference to be calm and clear orderly mind, instead of ADD.  But I won’t do the things that calm me down.

What an idiot.  I mean, a human. 

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