Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad health update

Can't believe how I went downhill after Sunday - which was a lovely morning, standing around talking to friends after the service.  By Monday afternoon I had a temperature of 100, saw my doctor who diagnosed urinary tract infection #8 (since the transplant).  Tuesday eve I spiked 102.3, which is very high for me.  Eventually this went into sweating and then cycled down to my average temp, 97.5, then back up.  I am waiting to hear that the hospital has a bed for me, so the doctor can start IV antibiotics.

Yet this morning as I struggled tiredly to get dressed, I heard Tom in the kitchen calling out to Natasha in the high voice he uses, "Piggy, piggy, piggy - where's that pig?"  Among her treasure trove she has a little stuffed cat toy, a pig, and loves to chase that and retrieve it for Tom.  I thought how human this was, how homey, and I am especially glad to have him when I'm sick.  And just for a moment I thought, Somehow this moment is perfect.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely!
    Sorry to hear about #8. You looked so healthy on Sunday!
    If you want company in Riverside, let me know.