Monday, March 21, 2011

Annoying Mind

(Yes, my computer was down all week.  Same for half the people I know.  Energy of spring.)

here’s a little bitty insight:
yes, I don’t feel quite well.  Am not, with #7 UTI - so found mind tiresome this morning:
Tiresome Mind
I need to accept that I am ill, TM says.  Thus. 
Don't like that acronym - it already belongs to TM.  Let's call it Annoying Mind.
AM is very very difficult to change.  Thurber sd it all in the title, Let your Mind Alone!

The thing is, Yes, I don’t feel quite well.  It discourages me.  Remember, the assignment from Rebel Buddha is to simply feel fully what you feel.  But you don't have to stay there.

The point of Zen practice is NOT to be perfect, but to be fully where you are, doing what you are doing.  This is a great cure for AM, as long as you move on and oh, wash some blueberries for breakfast.  This can be summarized as - Don’t obsess on it.  You don't like it, OK, I get it.  Preferring to feel well is a pretty natural preference.  Instinctive, I think.

Can’t help but have a perspective: pretty soon 100,000 people in Japan are going to feel very not well.  They already think they got trouble, everything gone, homeless jobless lost loved ones and friends and neighborhoods - this will pale in the face of radiation poisoning.
[image:  grape hyacinth in my backyard last spring]

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  1. Otherwise good advice, but 100,000 people in Japan are not going to get radiation poisoning. That many people didn't get radiation poisoning when the USA dropped two atom bombs on them. In the Chernobyl disaster, which was much, much worse than the worst that could happen in Fukushima, less than a hundred people got radiation poisoning.

    It's an awful situation, but fearmongering doesn't help. In fact, fear is keeping rescue teams away from affected areas. Please, don't spread misinformation like this.