Thursday, October 7, 2010

A stumble

Yesterday was the "final" crossmatch, a last blood draw for both me and Laura.  There was no reason it should be bad, but it was - a small piece of it showed I seem to have antibodies to her blood.  This should only happen if you had a transfusion, but there it is - maybe from my flu shot.. . . They are continuing to run various tests on the blood.  We should know tomorrow whether the transplant will go on Tuesday as scheduled.

I have said all along that I won't believe this is happening until I wake up in the recovery room and the doctor is standing there and says happily, your new kidney started working the minute we hooked it up.  However, that doesn't mean I feel blase about this.  I reminded Tom that being Zen is not being calm and accepting all the time.  No, it is being authentic. 

They have taken four (4)! months to get Laura through this process, God knows why, when they can get you ready for a deceased donor kidney in a matter of hours.  Now this.

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