Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Everything counts

A little while ago I had a phone call from Suzanne, a new friend who is on her way to her own kidney transplant.  She is very interested in all of it, of course, and it's a pleasure to talk to someone else with the same depth of health knowledge.  I realized, hanging up, how cheered I felt from this short phone call, how it had a certain energizing effect.  Before that, there was homemade chicken noodle soup, and miniature muffins, and a visit from two neighbors who told me how they had seen the foxes play in their back yard.  I could feel health going into me with every spoonful of that perfectly seasoned soup.  I felt I wanted to say this more strongly than I know how - every kind act matters.  How to say that strongly enough?  Over and over, a card comes in the mail, a plate of Halloween cookies at the door, every drop of water matters. 

We can think we aren't important, or we can't do much, but that's wrong.  Everywhere you go you build the universe, you heal other people.


  1. There is nothing that can defeat the spiritual power of chicken soup! :-) Sounds like things went well!

  2. Jeanne...I had no idea...either that I existed in your blog or that I counted that much. You gave me a new way of thinking about what I do and don't do...everything counts, whether I'm aware of it or not. Building the universe...what an insightful concept. Your blog--it counts. And so do you in smoothing the way for me...big time! Thank you.