Saturday, September 11, 2010

A normal day

Japan - upside-down house, photo by Chuck Paluniak
Exhausted today.  Over morning coffee I told Tom what I did yesterday.
- held Sheba while he gave her her antibiotic and pain med.
- worked with Sheba's food all day, trying to give her something she could eat.  Five teeth pulled!
- watered the front gardens.
- drove to hairdresser.  He was running late, so
- went to Kroger, shopped on my feet (figured I don't have to use the electric cart anymore)
- got hair cut
- home, unloaded car, put groceries away, fixed us lunch
- nap interrupted by daughter calling. 
- got up, talked to her for half an hour
- got dressed - not feeling so good now - and out the door to
- an event at a friend's house - Indian food and slides from his trip.  Some standing and talking to people. Got quite tired.  Had an "allergic" reaction to something, big headache and runny nose.
- drove home because it was perilous for Tom to walk over to the driver's side. He doesn't want to fall again.

So why am I so tired today?  Tom said to me, "You tried to have a normal day."

It's the kind of day I expect to be able to do with no problem after the transplant.  A part of me thinks about doing grand things - writing another novel, marketing the ones I have -  but another part of me realizes that it would just be great to do normal things - cook a meal, drive around doing errands, enjoy a quiet party - without getting exhausted. To wake up the next day feeling fine.


  1. one thing at a time dalai grandma :D

  2. My normal Sunday. Sitting at my computer, find your blog. Read. Breathe deeply. Read. Upside down house. Sending you peace and strength, Jeanne.