Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a Cat's Life

Do I ask much?  I don't ask much.  Just my chair in the study, an old wicker chair - but do I complain? At least it is softened with a folded brown hand towel, to make my colors Pop!  and Buffy, Mom's oldest, softest stuffed animal as a sort of padding.  A stuffed golden cocker spaniel.  He's been dead so long he doesn't even have bad breath, so I don't care.

Do I ask much?  Just don't leave the new headphones and all that cable on my chair, okay?  I have one chair in every room, and of course the entire king-size bed.  They are not horizontal filing cabinets.  Let's remember that.

Is that too much to ask?  No.  That and a tuna smoothie morning and night.  I can't smoke or open a bottle of wine or eat chocolate, tuna's the best I can do.  And do I have to sit some evenings and yowl monotonously to get Someone to pay attention and give it to me?  Don't even ask.  But I am a good cat.  I have never bitten either one of them.  It's not feminine.  But don't push me.

[image: Sheba putting her paw down on the kitchen table.]

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