Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Unintentional Fast

Live Transplant Update
Laura, my live kidney donor, passed another test last week, one she had previously "failed."  Sigh of relief.  Next Monday she goes in for the last group of the tests, including an MRI.  [They can still find some health problem at this point and stop the process until it is corrected, if it can be.]

But suppose she passes everything.  We will by then have the results of my GI tests (taking place tomorrow) and my lipase enzyme test Sept. 1 (to see whether my pancreas is healed). If all is well, we can schedule the surgery, maybe four weeks out - maybe on my birthday (September 26).  Maybe I'll get to go to the Amasamy retreat in mid-September.  Maybe, maybe, not knowing.

In prep for the colonoscopy/endoscopy I am on a clear diet today.  I do know about that.  I am hungry, but that's not the worst of it.  The worst of it begins later this afternoon with laxatives and drinking the dread fluid that empties out your colon.  Well, maybe it won't be so bad this time.  Try not knowing.

Clear diet includes, thank God, my decaf, broth, popsicles, Jello (not red, blue or purple, though).  I was on this diet for a day or two in the hospital to rest my pancreas.  After two days on Nothing By Mouth, I was in heaven when I got some chicken broth.  It was the most savory thing I ever tasted. 

Today, though, I am hungry, unappeased by broth and lots of water.  I never could do a spiritual fast, and it is generally not something Buddhism asks of you.  Still, these unspiritual versions keep coming my way.  Well, that's your path, isn't it - these odd stepping stones that appear in front of you.
[image:  The Buddha as an ascetic - British Museum]

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