Sunday, June 6, 2010

The wild at lunch

Here is an experiment with blogger's new features, especially the ability to insert multiple photos.  Okay.  Able to insert below the text.  Able to make the photo smaller.  
What is that in the woods by the road?

Yes, it looks like a deer.  Aren't those horn bumps coming out of his head?  Next photo.  The car was trembling as it idled, I was tremoring.  I gave the camera to Tom and he took the photo below.

The deer had big eyes, a handsome face, and a full body, definitely a buck.  He considered us and went back to eating weeds.  We felt this was a scene without much variety, so drove on up the hill to our street.

Of course we would all love to get a photo of the fox, but she is not so big and confident.  Foxes are actually not sly, but shy.  We do hear her barking now and then, perhaps at a predator who has discovered her kits.

We are picky about our wildlife.  Over lunch we talked with some folks about how we intend to feed the birds, but are instead feeding at least one acrobatic squirrel a great deal of oiled black sunflower seed.  There are a great many "squirrel-proof" feeders on the market, suggesting that none of them can be relied upon.  I've noticed that about Mother Nature and her natural beings, from garlic mustard to chipmunks to humans they manifest strong wills sometimes.

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